Rebecka is a strategy & communications consultant.

Strategy speaks to her organization, efficiency, and problem-solving skills. It involves project management, critical thinking, ideation, and concept development. She uses creativity to expand design, branding, and content planning. 

Communication involves Rebecka's love for storytelling and people. It combines listening skills, teamwork, collaboration, interpersonal relations, creative writing, copywriting and highly exercised emotional intelligence. Her emotional intelligence can be seen in the form of both internal and external communication, such as B2C sales, customer support, B2B partnership building, educational training, interviewing and public speaking.

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Most recent experience.

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2018 - 2020
Project Coordinator
Email Marketer
Sales & Support Specialist

Project Management As part of the customer support department, my projects focused on optimizing the team's efficiency and increasing revenue. Initiatives included pitching project proposals, building and implementing a content resource database, defining project scopes, sourcing project materials, managing stakeholder expectations, and monitoring project through to post-mort. View some project samples:

New product feature: video selling implementation

Customer 360 redesign (agent dashboard)

Process Development In a fast-paced startup environment, I was able to optimize processes daily by understanding the sales funnel and customer journey and improving global team communication. View some process samples:

Follow-up sales process, email response & group templates

Email Marketing As email marketing lead for the cruise team, I created concepts for monthly newsletters. Tasks included yearly content planning, completing briefs, copywriting,  monitoring progress, timeline management, and collaboration from design and performance marketing teams.

Newsletter samples

Customer Sales & Support A large part of my day-to-day was handling inbound sales online, through email and by phone to sell our products and build positive lasting relationships with clients. This included exceeding monthly sales targets and B2B negotiations where needed.

Social Media Being in travel industry allowed for great opportunities for new experiences. After touring Kenya & Tanzania, I volunteered to present a social media campaign for safari travel. This involved an Instagram takeover over two days, a Medium article, an organic Instagram post, and an internal presentation on my findings to assist with safari sales. View more items:

• Medium article
Social campaign

Blog posts

Event Planning & Ambassador For our new office housewarming event, I took on the tasks of outsourcing a local DJ and creating collaborations for branded merchandising. I played a direct marketing role by successfully expanding our network to local tech professionals. Apart from this event, I took initiative joining open in-house events and external events for prospective co-op students.

• organization
• collaboration & teamwork

• critical thinking

• communication

• time management

• customer support

• B2B negotiations

• B2C sales
• design thinking

• public speaking

• event planning



Project Management Prior to the 14-day event, I organized business contracts and planned the event project timeline for Volleyball Canada Nationals tournament at the Edmonton Expo Centre on May 16-22, 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. During the fast-paced tournament, I coordinated with live stream and video teams to ensure timely content releases and troubleshooted where necessary.

Social Media I acted as onsite Social Media Manager for Volleyball Canada Nationals. I created a release calendar for three accounts - Volleyball Canada, Volleyball Canada Nationals and Volleyball Source. I produced social media content (Facebook posts and lives, Instagram posts and stories, SnapChat stories) with small team.

• Social media event reel

Business Development & Partnerships Part of my role was to liaise with Volleyball Canada staff to maintain high communication standards prior to the tournament. I worked through contractual agreements, communication processes and plans, and then general monitoring and controlling throughout the tournament events.

Social Media Manager
Project Manager

Select projects.

Green Skirt

Communication Press Kit

Page Layout Design

Branding & Web Design

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Campaign Concept Video

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Daytime Manager &
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Digital Journalism

Teaching Assistant,

Ryerson University




MDM Event Committee & Web Team Copywriter

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